About GEM Egypt

Gem Import & Export Company, established in 1992, is an Egyptian organization focused on importing and distributing personal care retailing and, eventually, develops an education and training center for our sales representatives to have more information about the benefits of our products. We have developed strategic alliances with well-known and reputable international companies within the sphere of our business interests. Customer satisfaction is our number one objective. We are developing and in the process of launching our own chain of beauty retail brand at airport malls and selective locations within the country. We consider our staff as our greatest asset and cornerstone of success and we recognize their continued efforts to achieve significant results.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain our position as the pioneer cosmetics importer company in Egypt and to be recognized and associated with:

• Top quality Hair and Skin Care brands.

• Professional Hair and Skin Care market.

• Beauty shops and GEM’s own retail    outlets.


Our Mission

• Offer quality and comprehensive beauty solutions to our customers.

• Share success with our staff.

• Build long-term partnership with our suppliers.


Our Approach

• Avoid “Me Too” brands and product lines.

• Recruit top graduates with best social/business skills.

• Optimize customer service through business process management technology.

• Using the most advanced channels of media to promote our products.


Our Values

• Honesty and Trust: honesty in relationships with our employees, users, business partners and community and all other stakeholders is the guiding principle of our business operation. We build and maintain relationships with stakeholders which are based on respect, and mutual exchange of value. We respect business, moral principles, keep our promises and make a trustworthy partner.

• Quality: We strive for a high quality of our products and services. Only the best tried and tested natural active ingredients are incorporated in our products. The high and constant quality of our products is also confirmed by registering our products in the  Egyptian Ministry of health.

• Innovation: We believe in the power of knowledge, which we consistently working to enhance. In keeping with the latter, we keep up with the advances, strive for ceaseless development and invest in innovation. We are always on the lookout for new developmental solutions, and revolutionary ingredients which allow us to meet our users' needs.

Our Objectives

  1. • Obtain solid distribution for the products.
  2. • Ensure product is well displayed with high levels of visibility on shelf.
  3. • Promote product trial and movement off shelf.
  4. • Obtain registration with MOH within 30 days of receiving requested documents.
  5. • Obtain listings in key Hyper and Supermarket customers including Carrefour, Spinneys, Metro, etc..
  6. • The plan is to create a retail chain where will sell GEM’s products and more.
  7. • E-Commerce: selling our products through the online retails like Jumia and Souq.com Egypt.